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Birth-to-Three Program

Easter Seals provides services for the Birth-to-Three Program, a State-of-Connecticut early intervention program available to eligible families whose children under age 3 have significant developmental delays or disabilities.

Birth-to-Three provides a coordination of support and services that are family oriented, built upon mutual respect and choice, occur in natural settings, foster collaborative partnerships and recognize current best practices in early intervention.  Easter Seals partners with Connecticut's Department of Developmental Services to bring these services to families in greater Waterbury, northwestern and central Connecticut.  

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For information call: 

Easter Seals, Birth-to-Three Program
158 State Street
Meriden, CT  06450

Phone: 203-686-1035

Easter Seals, Birth-to-Three Program
24 Stott Avenue
Norwich, CT  06360

Phone: 860-859-4148, ext 290

If you have concerns about your child’s talking, feeding, walking, handling toys, seeing, playing alone or with others, hearing or sleeping, call the Birth-toThree Infoline at 1-800-505-7000.  If you would like to learn more about Easter Seals' role in the Birth-to-Three Program, please click here to contact us.

Together, we can make a difference in your child’s life.

To learn more about Connecticut's Birth-to-Three System, please click here.


 Autism Services - for Children, Adults and Families  

OUR MISSION - To assist families and individuals access a range of specialized services for children and adults on the Autism Spectrum


Life Skills Coaching

Assist with acquisition, improvement and/or retention of skills with necessary support to personal outcomes that would enhance an individual’s ability to live in their community as specified in their individual service plan.  Services may include:

  • Training or practice in basic skills such as banking, budgeting, and shopping
  • Teaching skills needed to live independently in their own home or in community
  • Assist the individuals to complete daily living activities and to access the community resources.

 Contact:  Linda Ball           Phone: 203-236-0188 ext. 232          lball@eswct.com

Community Mentoring

Assist the individuals to meet their day to day needs for community based activities and to assure adequate support at home /community to carry out personal outcomes under supervision. Services may include:

  • Provide/facilitate social interaction opportunities
  • Assist/supervise individuals with light housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry or shopping
  • Assist with accessing/attending community activities / leisure activities

 Contact:  Linda Ball           Phone: 203-236-0188 ext. 232          lball@eswct.com

Job Development

Assist the individuals with work, volunteer and apprenticeship experiences. Services may  include:

  •   Assessment of interests, strengths, and opportunities for employment
  •   Job trainings to lead to sustained employment
  •   Job seeking skills i.e., interviewing, workplace culture/etiquette, and travel training
  •   Job development & job/task analysis, facilitating natural supports at work place

 Contact:  Linda Ball           Phone: 203-236-0188 ext. 232          lball@eswct.com

Job Coaching

Services include job coaching at work, volunteer & apprenticeship and include activities of support:

  • Job stabilization and job satisfaction
  • Social skills training
  • Measuring production, social abilities, and independence at job
  • Monitoring job performance

Contact:  Linda Ball           Phone: 203-236-0188 ext. 232          lball@eswct.com

In Home Respite

Services provided on a short term basis to individuals unable to care for themselves because of the absence or need for relief for those persons normally providing the care.

Contact:  Linda Ball           Phone: 203-236-0188 ext. 232          lball@eswct.com

Specialized Driving Assessment

Provides clinical (visual, physical and cognitive skills) assessment of the persons driving abilities using a simulator and also by on the road assessment and provides driving / adaptation recommendations

Contact:  Tricia Passariello             Phone: 203-237-1448 ext. 43            tpassariello@eswct.com

Assistive Technology

Evaluates and facilitates adaptive equipment / technology to improve/enhance  functional capabilities of participants. Services may include:

  • Evaluation of technology needs including functional evaluation
  • Provide/facilitate use of adaptive device for the individual
  • Coordinates necessary therapies, interventions or services
  • Provide training of the device to the participant, family members, and other service providers

Contact:  Beth O’Sullivan Phone:  203-237-1448 ext. 51           bosullivan@eswct.com

Behavioral Services

These DDS funded services, while are not covered by the Medicaid State Plan are necessary to improve the individual’s independence and inclusion in his or her community. These services are provided by BCBA, psychologist or Masters level behavioral support providers. Services may include:

  • Functional behavioral assessment
  • Development of behavior intervention plan including intervention techniques for increasing adaptive positive behaviors and decreasing maladaptive behaviors
  • Training for the individual’s family and other support providers to implement behavioral support plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of behavioral support plan
  • Interact with the team when needed/required.

Contact:  Lisa Brayton        Phone: 203-686-1035 (leave a message)       e- mail preferred – lbrayton@eswct.com  



 Precious Hands

Precious Hands is is a collaborative program offering education and support services to foster parents caring for medically fragile children and their families.  Gloria Caporuscio, Kathy Beck and Irene Kish developed and founded the program in 1998.  Easter Seals partners with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) to bring this service to families in greater Waterbury and northwestern Connecticut.  For more information on the Precious Hands program, please click here to contact us.  




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